【SHINE】Building a better future with international cooperation

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More than 10 enterprises from China and France have signed a memorandum of understanding with East China University of Science and Technology's international elite engineering school – Chimie Shanghai.

They will cooperate in education, training and assessment of excellent innovative talent.

The companies, including famous names, such as Syensqo, Arkema, Saint-Gobain, Michelin, Air Liquide and Sanofi, have become inaugural members of Chimie Shanghai's Partner-Enterprise Club.

They will jointly help build up platforms for cultivating excellent engineering talent and provide a human resources reserve for the industry.

They will be deeply involved in the school's curriculum development, practical teaching and performance assessment, and provide internships for students.

Xuan Fuzhen, president of East China University of Science and Technology, pointed out that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France. He added that education has been playing an important role in enhancing communications between the two countries and the two peoples.

'East China University of Science and Technology has been promoting international cooperation in cultivating excellent innovative engineering talent, and the club is a new attempt at promoting the integration of education, industry, innovation and talent chains,' said Xuan Fuzhen, president of the university.

French Consul General in Shanghai, Joan Valadou, said top universities and engineering schools in France have been cooperating with their Chinese counterparts over the past two decades, with Chimie Shanghai a good example.

He said the establishment of the club will provide more opportunities for students, and help enterprises recruit more innovative engineers with diversified backgrounds.

Ye Linlin, deputy director of the Shanghai Education Commission, said Shanghai is steady on its way to become a global center for science and technology innovation and has been encouraging international cooperation in education.

He said France is famed for its engineering education, featuring close connections between schools and enterprises. He added that the club will help Shanghai become a highland for excellent engineer cultivation.

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